7 Vital Meditation Tips

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Mahasati Meditation Basic Rhythmic Movements

Mahasati Meditation Basic Rhythmic Movements (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meditating is not a religious practice, but a way of clearing one’s mind, relaxing and coming into focus with one’s own body. This is the best way most of us have to really release our tensions, understand ourselves and as a result feel happier and more efficient in our day to day lives.

It isn’t for everyone, but it is probably for anyone who would be reading this article right now. Some people are truly not capable of taking meditation seriously and those who come into the concept with that mindset will not always be able to succeed. However just feeling like it’s a bit silly isn’t such a bad thing and if you give it an honest effort you won’t feel that way for long.

Below are a few important meditation tips which should really help most people to get started or to improve their ability to meditate more easily.

1. Focus On Your Body

One of the biggest struggles people have when they attempt meditation is that they can’t grasp the concept of clearing their minds, which is understandable because trying not to think at all is nearly impossible for people who aren’t experienced with meditation! It is okay to focus on the feelings within your own body to get yourself into that meditative state and it certainly beats a running narrative in your mind. “Am I thinking? Darn, yeah I’m thinking. Am I still thinking? I need to stop thinking!”

Scene: Maulvi in Meditation

Scene: Maulvi in Meditation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Meditate Early in the Morning

This is a great and helpful tip for beginners because it is much easier to achieve a meditative state in the early part of the day when your head is not full of the concerns of daily living. You probably don’t want to go straight into it after your alarm goes off or you might be more likely to simply fall back asleep but if you get up and have a light breakfast or shower first you should be in a much better position to find inner peace than at the end of a long day. In the future you will greatly appreciate being able to do this in the evenings, but starting out it is a lot easier in the morning.

3. Stick To a Schedule

Of all the meditation tips I heard when I was getting started this one helped me the most. If you want to see the best results from meditating it is important to really establish this as a part of your routine. That way you will know when and where you are going to do it, so you won’t have to worry about finding the time to squeeze it in– which is a pretty bad way to get started.

4. Use Relaxing Tools

Many people will find it extremely helpful to make use of a few items to help them relax and find that sense of peace and tranquility. Using candles or incense is fairly standard and this can go a very long way towards helping you feel at ease and open with yourself. Relaxing music is also a very good idea, so don’t be afraid to make use of anything that helps you feel comfortable so long as these things are not distractions themselves.

5. Meditate in a Group

There are lots of great groups which will invite new members to come in and meditate along with them and this can be tremendously valuable for all beginners. Being a part of the energy in a room full of people who are at peace with themselves really does help most people to feel confident and motivated and like they belong to something greater. It is a powerful experience and something I think everyone has to try.

6. Forgive Yourself

Since meditation is all about letting go, one of the most important ways you can come to feel at peace is to literally forgive yourself before you get started. If there is something on your mind or anything that you are worrying about, make a point of putting that aside. You can talk to yourself about your worries before you start and many find that they really do feel relieved when they express these things even if they are alone.

"Gathering the Light" from the Taois...

7. Take It Seriously!

The number one problem that beginners have with meditation is that they can struggle to take the practice completely seriously but there is no reason to feel awkward or ashamed about it and so one of the best meditation tips I can give you is to get over any hangups and just let it happen. What’s important is that you are completely open with yourself, and since you wouldn’t be trying to meditate if you didn’t think you could gain something from the experience there is no reason you should enter into it half-heartedly or with doubts in your mind around it.

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