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A few years ago, the founder of Dancing Mind Yoga, Paula Baake was trained

A yoga class.

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by Baron Baptiste in Level I yoga. The experience was so rewarding for her that she decided to start teaching what she discovered to others.

She opened a studio with enough space for nine yoga matts. As a result of her open personality and affirming atmosphere in her studios, she grew from one larger studio to another until she has found her current home on Broad Street in Falls Church, VA.

What else do they teach?

In addition to yoga training for kids and adults, even pregnant adults, they

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also provide Cross Fit training and Cycle Classes. They encourage members to try different aspects of staying healthy by creating a positive space for all to enjoy. This means that judgment, fear, and anger should be checked at the door so that students can find their peace within themselves as they work to create healthier bodies.

What are instructors like?

Many people who have never experiences yoga picture a quiet guru teaching classes, which when you think of it that way it can be pretty intimidating. At Dancing Mind, the instructors are friendly and helpful to their members and guests alike. They strive to create an open atmosphere in which questions are welcomed and helpfulness toward others is encouraged. The also strive to create an atmosphere of safety for all with clear rules for using the equipment, ethics for the classes, and simply encourage good manners among everyone present.

What do you wear in a yoga studio?

You can wear yoga outfits that are designed for comfort at the shop, but you can also wear comfortable and breathable gym clothes. Temperatures are kept around 90 to 95 degrees, so the key is to wear clothing that will allow your body to breathe better and release perspiration healthfully.

How do I prepare for class?

It is wise to drink water before and after classes rather than during classes,


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although you may certainly drink during classes. The reasons they encourage drinking fluids before class is that drinking during a workout can take you out of the mindset for yoga and you may become nauseated from the full feeling in your stomach. After classes you can replenish the water lost during your class.

They also encourage members to eat about 2 to 3 hours before the workout. The time between the meal and workout will help the food to settle and help get the energy source from the food to the body. Also, keep in mind that eating right before a workout can cause discomfort.

How often should I come to train?

You can come in as often as you wish. Training 2 to 3 times a week will help with getting in shape, but coming 5 times a week will get you where you want to be. The number of times you come to train is relative to your goals and motivations.

What else can I do at Dancing Mind?

In addition to yoga, cross fit training and cycle classes Dancing Mind also offers workshops that will help members learn about proper body alignment, learn breathing techniques and understand the philosophy behind yoga and the mission of the studio as well as the ethics of training.

Where can I learn more about Dancing Mind?

If you live nearby, you can come in and talk with instructors, sign up for programs and get directly involved or you can visit their website and read the blog that contains articles written by the staff about their philosophies, classes, methods and so on.

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