Have an Out of Body Experience Using These Techniques

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There are hundreds of spiritual practices that exist around the world. Many of them involvemediation or prayer, which allows the

OOBE (out of body experience)

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participant to commune with God or the higher spiritual power in which they believe. Some people who practice mediation, may seek an out of body experience, otherwise known as astral projection. This is the idea that the astral body can leave the physical body and travel in the astral plane. The astral plane is what some consider to be the afterlife.

The Purpose of  Projection

Those who seek to have an outer body experience or OOBE, have different reasons for wanting to achieve it. For some people the purpose of astral projection is to learn more about ourselves by getting to experience a past life and learn more about their own existence. Learning about our purpose in life has been sought after since the beginning of time. Some people believe they can go back in time during astral projection and gain an understanding about their purpose in life.

Many people seek to find out if life after death really does exist, so they try to achieve an OOBE to find out. There is a widespread fear that death completes our physical journey and that is all there is to life. However many people believe that death is just the beginning and there is life beyond death. People who practice it will use astral projection to find out if there is life after death.

Some people who have achieved an OOBE say they feel more at peace with themselves after their

Artist's depiction of the separation stage of ...

Artist’s depiction of the separation stage of an out-of-body experience, which often precedes free movement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

astral travel. They are often more content and at peace with the world as well. People practicing to control their OOBEs,  can learn to heal themselves, both physically and mentally. They have more intimate knowledge of the bodies and they can use their energies to heal themselves and others.

Ways to Achieve Projection

There are many  projection techniques employed by those who believe in astral travel. They use these techniques to try to have an OBE and gain awareness about themselves and the astral plane.

The Yo-Yo Technique

This is an OOBE technique that involves visualization methods. You can perform this technique by

Out of body experience

Out of body experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

choosing a spot to concentrate on as you’re going to sleep. That spot can be a familiar book, a lamp or anything else you are familiar with. Closely examine your spot, remember what it looks like and touch it as well. Focus on both how it feels and how it looks. After you wake up for a night’s sleep, focus back on your spot. Visualize it for 1 second and return your focal point and pay attention to the darkness in front of you. Examine the darkness for a second and then refocus on your spot. Bounce back and forth, yo-yo, between the darkness and your focal point. This shifting of your focus may cause vibrations and you will eventually fully separate from your body.

OOBE Software

This free web browser-based software is called OOBE Inducer Software, OIS. It was developed by Astral Forum and it is very easy to use. You press “Start” and go to sleep. You will wake up to a recorded message within 4 to 5 hours of going to sleep. The voice will instruct you not to move and keep your eyes closed. Another recording will wake you again as you fall back to still, reminding to lay still. After this technique repeats itself a few time, you will enter into a sleep paralysis, but you will be awake. During this sleep paralysis, employ any astral projection techniques that you wish to achieve an OOBE.

A Listening Technique

Concentrate on any sounds you hear in your head, whether it be a buzzing, humming or you may hear voices. As you keep listening, you may notice the noises getting louder or more intense. When they get really loud, try achieving an OOBE with rapid movement. There are times that the loud noises may be enough to experience astral travel.

There are several  projection techniques you can employ to try and achieve an OOBE. You can find them online by using your favorite search engine and searching “astral projection.”

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