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There can be times when the stresses of life can become very overpowering. This can be for several reasons, work, money, in fact anything that creates worry. While many will turn to music or relaxation techniques such as Yoga for winding down and relaxing, some will turn to computer games. This might sound a little strange but there are now a number of people who immerse themselves into other worlds or situations in order to relieve their stress. Obviously not all types of games would suit this aim, so what would make a relaxing game?

Types of Game

This is somewhat subjective in a way, one person’s relaxing game is another’s nightmare. However there are some universal factors that are present in these types of game. Simple puzzle games can be a relaxing distraction for someone who likes that type of game. There are also those which have a very simple yet relaxing soundtrack. In an almost subliminal way, the music calms the mind while it is distracted by the game.

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Typically games were the bastion of the PC, however with the advent of the smartphone and the tablet this is no longer the case. Many people who are in a stressful situation or have just been in one will not be at home. Using these relaxing games while on the bus or on the train is a great way to unwind before getting home. It is also the convenience of being able to pick and play when needed that adds to the appeal. Social Networks have also exploded with gaming content recently, there are now many games that you can play in this way. The only problem is many need a stable internet connection.

 A Little Competition

Some people find that playing games against friends is a very good way to let off steam. This doesn’t have to be too competitive, but a healthy rivalry in such circumstances is often a good distraction. Many games on smartphones or on social networks, give you the option to play against friends and family. It can be nice especially if they are people you don’t see very often.


There are several types of game that depending on how you prefer to relax can suit your needs.

  • Music Catch: This game it a very simple yet addictive game. You try to catch the musical notes without catching the bad red ones. This is very relaxing in its way and can certainly while away a few moments.
  • Play Some Music: Now for some, trying to play music on a phone or PC may not sound very relaxing. But there are some who will be able to play and will find it extremely gratifying.
  • Take a Walk: This is a very simply animated flash game that is very relaxing. You basically take a walk along the street and try to jump up and catch the musical notes. There are also obstacles in the way that you need to jump over. But the background music is very good.
  • Jigsaws: There are many different types of jigsaw game out there and they are very good at relaxing and refocusing the mind. You can normally pick your favourite picture and some even let you choose one from your pictures.
  • Veggie Samurai: Maybe not on the relaxing scale, but definitely a stress reliever. Veggie Samurai is a lot like Fruit Ninja in that you need to slice and dice the vegetables as quickly as possible. It is actually a very addictive game that will be a lot less messy than doing it in real life.


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There are many games out there that can offer a moment or two to relax and let off steam. Many like Whack the Boss and Baffotron are designed as stress relievers rather than relaxing games. However if these games are relaxing and helpful to the person playing, then this is the important thing to consider.

Having a mixture of games available depending on your mood is also a good thing to consider. You may not always want to Whack the Boss or do a Jigsaw but whatever it may be it will fit the mood.

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