Starting Your Spiritual Journey

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A spiritual journey is often hard to define, as it is usually an entirely personal journey. Whether you are seeking your journey through religion or through the New Age concepts, the true definition can only be explained in your own heart.

If you are a Christian, your journey is said to begin with your birth, when you view everything with naiveté. As you grow older you will learn about life and the people who inhabit it, all while striving to enhance your own spiritual enlightenment. As you travel down your spiritual journey you may often find a greater understanding of your faith and become closer to your God.

Others may view their journey as a form of purely physical or mental travel. In these cases, your journey may end when you reach a sacred destination, such as the Mecca for Muslims. Those who view this as a mental journey, it may be leading them to a greater peace and serenity within themselves. This is often seen in meditation, where the journey is a traveled in an effort to regain mental and emotional balance in a chaotic world.

If you are ready to embark on your own religious journey which is spiritual, the first step is understanding and identifying the religion that is closest to your own heart. This for many is usually the religion you are born into. Each religion has its own names for their deities, so you need to determine the name that best applies to the aspects you are seeking enlightenment for. Many religions have several different names for their Gods with each representing specific energies and aspects of the religion.

Figure of a chanting Angel

Figure of a chanting Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once you have chosen the deity that best resonates with you, you can begin chanting. Chanting the spiritual name brings a greater sense of that God and helps you find greater peace and enlightenment. You should chant in the way you are most comfortable, whether that be chanting out loud, mentally or using a symbolic religious article such as a mala or rosary. You can chant at any time and anywhere you choose. You can begin chanting for shorter periods such as 5 or 10 minutes per day and slowly increase your time until you are chanting for a few hours every day.

This process is similar to the New Age version of the spiritual journey but instead of chanting a particular religious name or phrase, you would focus on specific mantras that will help bring about your sense of enlightenment. This is often used to enter a deep meditative state, wherein you are able to complete your spiritual journey.

Another important aspect of a religious journey is to build your spiritual knowledge. This may involve seeking out a specific religious leader or studying the different tenets of your religion. You should become familiar with the Bible that encompasses your specific religion and work to understand what you are reading. If you are unsure how to go about learning more and going deeper into your religion, the wide variety of classes, study groups and spiritual leaders available can guide you on your hunt for knowledge and deeper understanding.

It is important to understand that your journey is uniquely your own. You must travel it in


enlightenment (Photo credit: mehmet nevzat erdoğan)

your own way and in your own time. When you first decide to embark you may find yourself full of questions and fears, as you must face the reality of where your life has been and where you hope to go. Whether you believe your journey begins with your birth or is something you are called to do, it can be difficult to truly give yourself over to the emotions and actions that will benefit you the most.

The true point and value of the spiritual journey is completely up to you and your own consciousness. Only you can decide where exactly you expect your journey to take you and where you will ultimately end up. The most important thing is to look deep into yourself, your thoughts and your actions and decide how you can best embark on your quest. While this process may be painful and scary in the beginning, the enlightenment you reach is worth it.

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