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People have always sought out ways to relax and unwind, to forget about their burdens and let the stresses of life fade away from them. The problem is that most of the things people do to get those results involve things like flying to Hawaii for a week and filling a hot tub with champagne and models, which isn’t always practical.

Fortunately, one of the single best ways to really relieve that tension is to play simple  games which have proven to be effective in this regard and they are a whole lot cheaper than hundreds of gallons of champagne.

Below are just a few great ideas for games which should help you to work out your frustrations and lower your stress levels so that you can go back to a more pleasant and constructive day.

Rhythm and Music Games

These games make fantastic stress relievers, because they are instantly accessible and fun to play for short or long periods of time and I think they are the best choice out of all the available options. If you are going to be at work when you want to relieve stress don’t worry, because I’ve got stress relief games you can play at the office coming up next.

Rock Band / Guitar Hero

You can take your pick from the big two band simulators because they are just about identical experiences and

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which you choose will more likely boil down to who has your  favourite selection of songs available. These games are absolutely fantastic ways to work off a  bit of stress at any time of the day by letting you indulge in nostalgic or fantastical sessions of music and because the simple whack-a-mole style gameplay keeps the mind fully engaged. There is a minor physical element to these games as well, allowing the player to burn off a bit of energy which always feels good. If you play the drums in one of these games it can actually be quite a workout.

Any Dancing Game!

There are so many of these that it is hard to name a couple of examples, but Dance Dance Revolution is the one that really started the craze and Just Dance is as popular as they get these days. Games like this provide a sometimes intense physical workout in addition to a lot of fun, so you get to approach the problem of stress from two different angles without holding back. When you are done playing a dance game it is almost impossible to imagine anybody not having a broad smile across their face.


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This is a wonderfully simple idea which made a big splash a few years ago and it is still played very widely today. The concept is simple: You surf down a long and abstract wave collecting blocks as you go, giving it gameplay that is remarkably easy to follow. There is something that makes it Better still, you can’t lose or be penalized. What really makes this game amazing is that you can play any music you own at all and the tracks will move to the grooves of the music, with blocks appearing to match the beat of the song currently playing.

Stress Relief Games You Can Play at Work

Depending on how strict the rules are at your office, you should be able to get away with enjoying some of these simple games right there at your desk. Most of them are inconspicuous enough that you could even keep them folded up in your pocket and work on them stealthily to save your sanity.

Crossword Puzzles

Almost any word game is a great option in an office environment, because they don’t require yoSolution in red for puzzle to the leftur full attention

and they certainly won’t bother anybody. If your office would frown upon you having a crossword at your desk it might be time to consider new employment opportunities. These games really engage the mind and let you work them out at your own pace, which is a good quality when it comes to stress relief games.


If you are more comfortable with numbers than words then Sudoku is probably your best bet. All of the same things are true here as with crossword puzzles, but they will appeal to slightly different people more or less. Sudoku has really become one of the most popular games in the world and that is all thanks to its simple but engaging formula of making the mind work out basic logical solutions.

Pen and Paper Games

This isn’t a specific game, although thinking of your own games to try might seem like a game unto itself. There are so many ways to give yourself a simple moment of stress-relieving freedom throughout the day that I can’t hope to list them all here, so I just want to remind you of how powerful a simple pen and paper can be. You might simply choose a word about 6 characters long and then see how many words you can spell with just those characters. Even simply doodling can provide a lot of relief on a difficult day. Have fun with your ideas and find an oasis of relief every day.

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