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English: This is Retreat Hut #2, in the Retrea...

English: This is Retreat Hut #2, in the Retreat Hut Field on the main campus of the Abode of the Message, a spiritual intentional community in New Lebanon, NY, associated with the Sufi Order International. This small meditation hut is used for Sufi and other individual meditation retreats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taking a vacation is a good way to spend time relaxing and destressing from busy work and home lives. However sometimes the vacation can be more stressful and tiring than your everyday life because we try to pack too much fun in too few days. Instead of taking a hectic sightseeing trip or going away to visit relatives, book a retreat so you can really unwind and spend time relaxing. There are several  retreats you can take in the United States and many of them are very affordable.

Retreats for Enthusiasts

You don’t have to be an expert  master to enjoy taking a yoga retreat. Beginners can enjoy many retreats and learn new positions at many retreats in the US and other destinations around the world. Most retreats cater to most skill levels, from beginners to those who have been practicing yoga for years.

Weekend Getaways

Retreats may last for a week or just a weekend, depending on how long you wish to go and what you can afford. If you want to take a weekend just to unwind for a couple of days, you can attend a two day retreat in Boulder, Colorado at the Shoshoni Retreat. This spiritual retreat center books guests all year round and many start at just $115 per person. You can practice yoga, take classes in mediation and chanting as well as train in the traditional medicine of India called Ayurveda.

There are several locations offering 3-day packages in California, including an intensive beginner’s weekend at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm. This retreat is run by a non-profit organization which promotes the universal teachings of Yoga. It is located in Grass Valley, California and the 3-day weekend starts at $220 per person.

Four Days or More

Take a few days to unwind and learn more about mediation and yoga at a 4-day silent mediation and the retreat offered in

Butternut Cottage

Butternut Cottage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Missouri. As with many retreats, you can spend your time learning other disciplines and practicing them while you’re there. This retreat costs $708 per person for the entire four day stay. Another four day retreat is offered at Sagrada Wellness in Santa Margarita, CA. You will spend your time there learning new techniques and hiking the surrounding countryside. You can also enjoy trips to the beach or tour the quaint town of Santa Margarita.

This location also offers a 4-day yoga retreat that will also tour the wineries of California’s central coast. You will learn about wine and chocolate, along with yoga on this indulgent retreat. Each evening, a different local wine is featured along with fine chocolates. During the day you will also tour the area, including the town, Franciscan monasteries or you can relax at the beach after intense sessions.

If you want a more active experience, take a trip to Hawaii for 7 or 8-day yoga and surf retreats. The Kelea Surf Spa offers 7-day yoga retreat for women who want to learn to surf as well. The spa is not far from the world famous surfing beaches of the North Shore, where you will be taught to surf. 7-day packages start at about $1,995 per person and includes all of your accommodations.

8-day yoga and surf retreat packages are available for men, women and families at Surf n Sol in Hawaii. You can go to either

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Waikiki or Kauai and the packages start at $1,725 per person and they are offered all year round. The 7-day packages at Kelea Surf Spa are only offered between February through April.

You can purchase time at vacations designed for intensive training or you can combine your trip with other fun activities, such as surfing, hiking or wine tasting tours. Whether you want to go for a weekend getaway or for a full week, you will come back more refreshed and reinvigorated that you would with most vacations. Yoga is not only good for your body, but combined with mediation, it is good for your mental and spiritual health as well. Use your time to learn techniques to take home with you that can help you unwind and distress on a daily basis for better overall health.

I hope you have found this information helpful and are able to choose a relaxing holiday where you can reduce your stress from your everyday life.

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