Ways to Strive for Spiritual Wellness

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Spiritual Healing - Open Air - 2005

Sp Healing – Open Air – 2005 (Photo credit: Udo Herzog)

With more studies pointing out that people who are religious or spiritual often live longer, happy lives, more people are seeking help with their spiritual wellness.  Whether it is through a traditional religious institution, mediation or other practices, many people are trying to figure out who they can improve their health.  In doing so, they are discovering how to let go of stress, find ways to be happier and connecting more with the world around them. 

The Meaning of Spiritual Wellness

Many people who are trying to find wellness often ask questions about why they exist and what is their life’s purpose.  As they begin their journey of discovery, they may start to appreciate the world around them and see their connection to it.  They open themselves up to new experiences and new meanings to life that they may not have ever contemplated before. 

Some people will learn how to find true happiness and begin to live the lives they’ve also wanted to live.  Others may struggle with their journey, but it will help them grow and learn more about the world and people around them.  Many people will find contentment and joy for their first time in the lives. 

The way to attain spiritual wellness will be different for each person who seeks it.  Some people will find it through attending church services or synagogue, while others will find it through mediation and other practices.  Here are some suggestions for steps to take to seek your own way to spiritual health.

Just Be

Make time for yourself and spend it in prayer or mediation.  Mediation has many

Spiritual Walk

(Photo credit: StuffEyeSee)

physical, mental and spiritual benefits and it can help you be in the here and now.  It helps you be in the present, release the past and not worry about what tomorrow may bring.  By doing this you can start to achieve inner peace.

Be Open Minded

You may try things you never contemplated before as you seek the answers to your existence and the meaning of your life. When your actively seeking answers to your questions, you will find yourself being centered spiritually.  Don’t dismiss any opportunities for growth until you’ve contemplated them.

Take Action

Spirituality involves being in the moment and doing things, not just reading about them.  Share your time and talents with others, which will not only help them, but you will grow and heal spiritually as well.

Be Accepting and Forgiving

By being in the present, you can accept that life as it is now is as it should be.  Take responsibility for your own life and your own actions instead of blaming others.  See others for who they are, not for who you want them to be or wish they were.  Let go of past hurts and grudges against others.  Holding onto that pain does nothing but hurt you in the end and it can negatively impact your spiritual journey.

Enjoy Life

Allow yourself to stop and smell the roses, listen to music, look at a painting and

Spiritual Center of the Universe

 (Photo credit: Renodesertfoxstill)

discover its meaning, read a good book or a good poem and enjoy the artistry and the talents of others.  Allow yourself to dance or sing or just play.  You will not only be better off spiritually, but you may experience improvements in your mental and physical health.

Tools Used in Spiritual Practices

There are many tools that you can use to help in your spiritual journey to spiritual wellness.  These tools can include reading religious texts, such as the Bible or the Koran, you may use a rosary when you pray or mediate and mediation is also a tool for becoming more spiritual. Some people may want labyrinths or mandalas designed for meditative contemplation as you walk them.  Find the tools that you are comfortable using or discover new ones that can help you on your spiritual path.

As you discover a more healthy spirituality, you may benefit from reduced stress, a quieter mind, lower blood pressure and improved mental health.  Our spiritual side is often linked to our mental and physical health and the better we become spiritually, the more healthy we may become physically and mentally as well.  A healthy spirit truly nourishes our body, mind and soul.

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