What can reiki medication do for me?

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Although Reiki has been around since it was developed by Japanese


Reiki (Photo credit: nexus6)

Buddhist, Mikao Usai, in 1922 not many people really know what is does or whether they will benefit from this form of meditation.

The idea behind Reiki is that the therapist can transfer their energy to their patient through the palm of their hands over parts of the body that need healing. This is the reason that Reiki is also referred to as Palm healing. It is defined as an alternative form of medicine, which is practiced in two main branches of thought:

  • Traditional Japanese Reiki: The placement of the hands is intuitive, calling for the therapist to instinctively know where the energy is needed for the patient to heal.
  • Westernized Reiki: The placement of the hands is systemized along the body of the patient to promote general healing energy to the patient.

This non-traditional, or alternative, medicine can be practiced by virtually anyone who has been trained. There is no formal education to become capable of providing palm therapy to friends, family, or others who are aware of the person’s skill. There are three levels of training:

  1. First Level: The trainee is taught the basic theories and procedures and they are able to provide their services or skills after they complete level one.
  2. Second Level: The trainee learns the system of reiki
  3. Third Level or Master/Teacher: Has complete the previous levels and is able to provide alternative treatments and teach others.

There really is no set location for receiving reiki meditation. It can be given

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in busy locations or quiet ones; at home or at the office, or anywhere at all. Anyone who has received training at any level may provide reiki palm therapy. Less formal occasion may provide a place to sit or lay down. More formal may provide a quiet space with raised bed to provide comfort for both you and the therapist. If you like you can have quiet music playing to help you relax. You can expect to be fully clothed during treatment.

When the reiki expert treats you through hand contact you should feel no pressure at all. The hands are merely conduits for the energy from one person to the other. However, if you have an injury that you prefer not to have touched, let the therapist know and they will simply allow their palm to hover over the area.

Afterward you may experience an intensely relaxed state of body and mind.

English: Western Reiki hand-positions for self...

English: Western Reiki hand-positions for self-treatment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each person will have a different experience: Some will note the hot hands while others will feel cooler hands. Some patients note a sense of vibrations through their therapist’s hands.

Before you receive your treatment there are a few things you should do first:

  • Talk to your therapist about what is about to happen so you can feel comfortable. You may want to ask where they will be placing their hands on your body.
  • If you want music, either provide it yourself or request it.
  • Prepare in advance by going to the restroom first and wear comfortable clothes you can wear while laying down.
  • Expect there to be more than one session. Most therapists recommend at least 4 sessions over 4 days to assure that they patient has gained the most from their experience.
  • Do visit with your therapist after the first session to discuss what you felt. Before your next visit, discuss your experience since the last treatment and what you may be expecting with your next one.

This is an alternative treatment that has not been noted to be medically advantageous for patients, but it has been found to be physically and mentally relaxing, which may help patients respond to traditional care better.

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