What is a Spiritual Healer

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Spiritual healer are those who heal others or help them heal themselves of ailments of the body, mind, soul or spirit.  Many healers feel that they receive their healing powers directly from God, while others believe they have a sixth sense that allows them to fully communicate with and focus on the energies surrounding a person.

Spiritual healers often feel that afflictions that manifest as physical problems are often due to the presence of evil spirits or energies.  These healers work with the person to remove the harmful energies so they can return to a healthy, normal life.

Spiritual healers take many forms.  Some are shamans, medicine men, psychics or religious faith healers.  Each type of healer may have their own specific practices that are based in their own belief systems or religions and many of these focus on the life force of the people they are healing.   Spiritual healers can also practice acupuncture, reflexology, meditation, crystal therapy or audiovisual therapy to cleanse a person chi or life force.  These methods are all believed to provide beneficial changes in a person’s spiritual energies, which effectively heals the problems they are dealing with. Still others follow practices that have been handed down for generations, and others believe that their abilities are handed down directly from God.

No matter what the basis of the healer, there is often a lot of focus on the things that they sense from the person they are attempting to heal.  Some healers are able to sense auras, which are believed to be a physical manifestation of a person’s essence that is only visible to those with healing powers.  Others focus on the chakras, and whether they are in enlightenment.  Some healers are often called energy healers because they believe that energy is both the basis of their abilities and the cause of many ailments some people experience.

One of the most popular spiritual healers are those that have ESP or the ability to sense the energies of the dead.  Most of these healers believe that spirits are often the cause of various ailments.  These can be in the form of physical ailments such as unexplainable chest pains, aches, feelings or pains that seem to have no known physical cause.  They can also be in the form of mental problems such as intense fear, possession, an inability to explain or understand what they are feeling or an internal feeling of something just being wrong in their lives.  In these cases, the spiritual healer attempts to communicate with the entities they sense in an effort to understand why they are affecting the person.  They are often able to explain why the entity is attached to the person, and help them understand what they need to do to rid themselves of it.

Spiritual healers may also be called upon to do spiritual cleansings of a person or place. These healers follow specific rituals such as burning sage or other types of herbs that are believed to rid people and homes of negative energies.  When the cleansing is completed, the home, space, or person should no longer have any further issues.

Some spiritual healers are believed to be able to heal others simply by laying their hands on them.  This type of healer originated in Biblical times when Jesus could heal the blind and paralyzed so they were no longer afflicted. These spiritual healers believe their abilities are directly related to their religious practices and are given to them directly from God.  While they also follow some specific rituals, much of their healing processes involve prayers and devotions wherein they ask God for help in healing the afflicted.  These people often believe that they have been reincarnated repeatedly, and were healers in all of their past lives.

Spiritual healers often seem to be a fairly new concept but in reality they have been around since the beginning of time.  There has been some of healer in virtually every civilization and their practices have been cultivated throughout time.  Their abilities are often ridiculed but in most religions and practices the abilities of a true spiritual healer are highly sought after and praised by all who use their services.

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